Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Skirmish at Jungsteindorf

On Friday evening, November 14, Ed Youngstrom and Bill Protz held a tutorial session on the Batailles de l'Ancien Regime (BAR) rules for some of us who would be playing in the Texas Big Battalions game the next day.

Here is my take on the small action, which I am proposing was a skirmish the day before the big battle at Steinkreisdorf.

An advanced guard of Germanians clashed briefly with an advanced guard of Osterreichers over the village of Jungsteindorf. Both sides had two infantry battalions, a dragoon regiment (of two squadrons), and a 6-lbr gun. I commanded one of the Germanian infantry battalions and the pictures were taken from that perspective.

The Germanian battalion that I commanded and the 6-lbr gun march towards Jungsteindorf.

One of the two Osterreicher battalions which I was facing.

The cavalry action between the two dragoon regiments. In what would be a foreshadowing of the cavalry actions during the fighting at Steinkreisdorf, the Germanians were defeated and fled the field.

Supported by the 6-lbr (just out of the picture to the left), my battalion squares off in a firefight with the Osterreichers. I was on a small ridge which gave both of us a slight decrement in firepower. I later moved forward off of it to continue the musketry fight at closer range.

After helping me against the Osterreicher infantry, the 6-lbr was turned against the enemy dragoons who were regrouping after defeating the Germanian cavalry.

Even though it has only been five days since that little skirmish, I cannot recall who "won" the tutorial battle. But, no matter; we all learned some valuable lessons for the big battle the next day at Steinkreisdorf.


Capt Bill said...

I really like your mounting system! Unfortunately, our group agreed to use the Might and Reason system which I no longer love. Thanks for you pictures and inspiration...

Der Alte Fritz said...

With single base figure stands and movement trays, you can base your figures for any, and I do mean ANY, rules system simply by changing the size of the movement tray.

Capt Bill said...

Der Alt Fritz,
After 35 years you think I would have figured that out...

ColCampbell50 said...

Capt Bill,

Thanks for the comments about the troops, but I beleive they were actually Ed Youngstrom's. And they were very nicely done, especially the battalion I commanded with its rose facings.


tradgardmastare said...

Looks fun and great photos too!