Friday, November 28, 2008

Pictures from MilleniumCon

Here are a few pictures that I took on Friday evening (Nov. 14) at the MilleniumCon XI convention in Round Rock, TX.

The game gaming and dealer room on the first floor of the Wingate Convention building. There was also gaming on the second floor, mainly the various tournaments.

This is a very detailed game board for the WW2 game called "Madness in the Bocage." It used the Frontline-Command rules.

One of the several Colonial games played at MilleniumCon. This particular one was called "Unaguafria - 1879," using plastic figures and the Damned Human Race rules.

This was a "sort-of" Colonial game - "Zulu - 40K Style."
Set on Tau Ceti IV, the 24th Praetorians defend a small steading ...

... from the hordes of hulking green natives. Rules used were GW's Warhammer - 40K, 5th edition.

And to wrap things up, an Axis and Allies board game of the climatic war of Middle Earth's Third Age.

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