Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Carpania Marches to War

The army of the Margraviate of Carpania, responding to the call of arms from Elector, marches forth from the capitol of Potzdorf. Led by General der Infanterie Baron von Stuppe, this small, but highly trained force consists of a musketeer battalion, a fusilier battalion, a small converged grenadier battalion, a jager korps, a freikorps company, a small dragoon regiment, and accompanying artillery.

The departure of the army is observed from a small hillock by the Markgraf, Friedrich Hapnich, his lady, and his minister of war. He is initially joined by General Baron von Stuppe and Major General Seamus Campbell, an itinerant Highland mercenary officer.

Proceeded by a portion of the Jager Korps Staffeldunkel, the Freikorps Warsteiner and the 2nd Squadron, Dragoon Regiment Hapnich lead the column. The artillery and baggage has already marched, guarded by a portion of the jagers.

The 2nd Squadron, Dragoon Regiment Hapnich thunders by, led by the regimental commander, Colonel von Valkenhayn.

Following the dragoons is the converged grenadier battalion, composed of small companies from the musketeer and fusilier battalions.

As the grenadiers march out of sight, Generalmajor von Habenbier leads the musketeer battalion, which is composed of drafts from the Zweibieren and Teutonica Musketeer Regiments. In the distance, we can see Rittmeister Staffeldunkel, von Stuppe's ADC approaching the hillock to notify the general that final troops are mustered in the stadtplatz and are prepared to depart.

The Zweibieren contingent passes, closely followed by the Teutonica companies. Rittmeister Staffeldunkel makes his report and the Baron and General Campbell receive the well wishes of the Markgraf and Markgrafin.

As the musketeers leave our view, the 1st (Leib) Squadron of the Hapnich Dragoon Regiment is next, leading the fusilier battalion. Baron von Stuppe, General Campbell, and Rittmeister Staffeldunkel join the column prior to crossing the bridge over the Tinkelwasser which flows outside Potzdorf.

With the cavalry clear, the lead companies of the fusilier battalion, provided by the Fusilier Regiment von Stuppe approach our viewing position. The Baron and his party are moving along the verge of the road to get to the head of the column.

As the Baron's party passes the tail of the von Stuppe fusilier companies, we can now see the fusiliers provided by the Fusilier Regiment Paulaner.

And finally the column rear makes its appearance with the last fusilier company trailed by the final portion of the Jager Korps Staffeldunkel.

So the Army of Carpania has departed Potzdorf. We will next see them at the Texas Big Battalions game at MilleniumCon in Round Rock, Texas on November 15.

The inhabitants of Carpania wish their little lead heroes the best of luck in the coming battle!


Fitz-Badger said...

Impressive! (just wish the pictures were larger)

Ed said...


I wish I had thought of that...two months ago when I still had time!

Ed v. H-F

Gallia said...

Bon chance Carpania!
Vielen glück.
Good luck.
Very good work, lovely painting and we just must love a parade.
Many, many thanks for the visual imagery,

Frankfurter said...

And may the lead be well led!
Wish I could be there ...

tradgardmastare said...

Super stuff- thanks for sharing it with us!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Wonderful method of showing us your troops . . . very impressive indeed, I must say.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

old-tidders said...

nicely posed marching troops - I like the town gate

-- Allan