Monday, November 17, 2008

Battle of Steinkreisdorf - Part 2

After a break for lunch, some of the participants from the morning's battle returned to complete the action on the east end of the big table. The enclosed farmstead of Ostburg was the center for this action.

Here the Electorate (on the far side of the table) had a cavalry brigade on its left flank, an infantry brigade in the center, and a combined brigade of cavalry, grenadiers, and jagers on its right. The opposing Imperials had a cavalry brigade on its right flank, an infantry brigade in the center, and mixed brigade of infantry and cavalry on its right.

This time I decided to give cavalry a try and took command of the Electorate cavalry consisting of one regiment each of Germanian cuirassiers, dragoons, and hussars. My opponent this time was Chris Bump who took command of the mercenary cavalry from Weisspferdheim, consisting of two heavy horse and two hussar regiments (all plastic Spencer-Smith figures!). Each of our regiments had two 12-figure squadrons.

We quickly got into crossed sabers as my dragoons and cuirassiers charged the Weisser heavy horse. Even though I moved the hussars around behind the heavies to support them, Chris was able to outflank my cuirassiers with a squadron of hussars while the other squadron engaged my lead hussar squadron. His second hussar regiment maneuvered in support to the rear.

The Germanian cuirassiers were badly handled by the Weisser heavy horse and hussars while the Germanian dragoons lost out to the other Weisser heavy horse. Our hussars fought each other to a standstill. In the ensuing turns, first my cuirassiers and then my dragoons were sent reeling out of the fight. Only the reserve hussar squadron prevented complete destruction.

While all the cavalry action was happening, a battalion of Germanians occupied the farmstead without opposition from the Imperials. Young Fahnrich Brad commanded a mixed brigade of Osterreicher and Saxe-Jungbacher infantry. They quickly began to shoot the Germanians to pieces - must have been poor ammunition that caused the Germanians so many problems that afternoon!

This picture shows the aftermath of the cavalry fracas, with only two cuirassiers and a few hussars left. A Germanian infantry battalion was seconded to the cavalry brigadier to assist in protecting the flank. A handful of Germanian hussars gallop along in front of them, fleeing from some Weisser hussars up near the farmstead. The rest of the Weisser cavalry is regrouping.

Here is a closer shot of the Germanian hussars in full flight! These magnificently painted Foundry figures were no match for the older (and evidently more battle experienced) Weisser Spencer-Smiths.

A final shot of the Germanian left flank, with the infantry forming square while the hussars flee even though the brigade commander is trying unsuccessfully to rally them. The two last cuirassiers sit on the edge of the battlefield and decide that discretion is the better part of battle before riding away themselves.

This action was a complete bust for the Germanians -- the cavalry was destroyed, the infantry was shot to pieces, and the right flank forces were sent fleeing. This action is where young Brad earned his spurs and his mention in Blei-Sammlen's dispatch. Although I had fun with the game, it wasn't very pleasant watching my vaunted Germanian cavalry vanish before my very eyes. A Seydlitz I am definitely not!


Fitz-Badger said...

These kinds of reports are one of the things that keep me inspired in pursuing my own little bit of ImagiNation. Thanks again!

A J said...

I echo Fitz-Badger's sentiments. Commiserations for the defeat, but Germania will rise again.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, magnificent reports.

Now, what did you think of the rules? Are you now enamored of BAR? Or would you prefer to use Charge, The War Game, or something else?

-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...

I liked BAR and will be trying to complete painting of sufficient forces to introduce the rules to my fellow gamers here in Mississippi. We'll probably use the smaller unit size variant as we don't have a large area in which to game.

I had a great time and thank Ed Youngstrom and Bill Protz for their game mastering.


Der Alte Fritz said...

The 48 figure battalions look like they will work just fine with the BAR rules (this is the size battalions that we started with when we developed the rules back in 2005).