Saturday, July 30, 2022

Indian Army Corps of Guides - Unit #2


Regaining my stamina after a mild bout with Covid, I finished painting and basing my second company of Indian Army Corps of Guides.  Lead by their stolid havildar, these stalwart soldiers will bring glory to the Raj.  See the post on the 1st Company for details about the Guides service.

While preparing these figures for painting I noticed that one of them was missing part of his base, the part beneath his left foot.  Contemplating trouble with stability and the possibility of a broken ankle, I found a small rock in my "bag of rocks" that could be used to provide the figure with a stable footing.

On your left is a figure with a completely cast base and on your right is the incomplete figure with its added rock for stability.  If you'll look carefully in the first picture, this 'rocky' fellow is on the far left in the front row.

Now on to a unit of "Thuggees" who will be some opponents to the forces of the Raj.

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