Wednesday, August 3, 2022

And Thugees Join the Cast!


After painting Russians, British, and Indians, it was time to get working on some enemies for them.  Enter a 16-figure unit of Indian thugees (or ill-costumed very irregular tribal warriors).  All but one are Bob Murch's Pulp Figures from packs PBT-22, 23 and 27.  The better costumed leader is a figure that I've had for many a year.  Until I needed a leader figure for these guys, he was a my pirate box.  But with such a nice turban, sword, and musket, I knew he really belonged in the 19th Century Northwest Frontier fighting against the forces of the Raj.

These figures can be used in a number of roles, both fighting for and against the Raj or defending their village against marauders.

Now on to more "enemies" of the Raj - Pathans!

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