Saturday, July 16, 2022

Bits and Bobs


After a number of years of on and off (but mainly off) painting, I've finally finished a batch of various terrain pieces for my 25mm forces.  Many of these can be used in various genres while a couple are only common to the Victorian/Edwardian colonial era.  So here they are ---

These three "barricade" pieces are made up of barrels, a chest, and various bags.  They can be used from the Pirate era all the way to at least the early 20th Century.  I mounted each of them on wood strips to increase the height for compatibility with 28mm figures.

The bee hives of "Tanga" of course probably didn't look anything like these wooden spindle ends, but I think they turned out rather well.  Just make sure you are well away from them if they get disturbed!

Two piles of trade goods and some barrels of spiritous liquid.

Big bins of food stuff and bales of cotton, both good for cover from enemy fire.

Two large silage bins made of stone, useful from Medieval times to the early 20th Century (and even beyond in some places).

So these now join my other bits and bobs of terrain pieces that will enhance an otherwise drab battlefield.

The figures are some of my just recently painted Indian Army Corps of Guides (see previous post).

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