Monday, June 27, 2022

Kashgar and Trans-Siberian Renegades and Disheveled Detectives


The pulp ladies have been joined by two groups of renegades and a couple of disheveled detectives as I continue my June painting blitz.  Please click on pictures for a larger image.

First up are the "Renegades of Kashgar" from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures [set PHP-27].  

Surrounded by battling Warlords and cut off from escape, our party takes to the mountains in a desperate journey where only the brave can survive!

From left - Bren gunner, sniper, team leader and his wife, and second in command.

Pursuing them are "Count Casamir's" Trans-Siberian Renegades, also by Bob Murch [set PHP-17]

From left - Misha, the faithful bodyguard; daughter Yolanda, a fine fencer; Count Casamir and his wife the Countess (with her trained 'attack' falcon); and Blotsky, his chief of the Secret Police.

And a couple of disheveled and probably disreputable British detectives (from Northstar's Giants in Miniature line.  These two figures are out of production now.

The Disheveled Detective and his sidekick Dr. Hamish

They will soon be joined by Bob Murch's "Drawing Room Detectives" as the final group of special figures upon which I am working.  Then its back to the Indian Army, Russian colonial troops, some Thugees, and a large batch Pashtun tribesmen.

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Michael Murphy said...

A fine collection of figures sir! Well done.