Saturday, May 7, 2022

Cockrell's 1st Missouri Brigade


Cockrell's 1st Missouri Brigade of Bowen's Division has now joined my Confederate forces.  Although it is assigned to Hardee's Corps, this brigade was actually part of Pemberton's "Army of Mississippi" during the spring and summer of 1863, fighting at Champion Hill and the siege of Vicksburg.  Even though formed from Missouri State Guard, it was one of the hardest fighting brigades in the Western Theater.  I decided to modify my order of battle for Hardee's Corps to include this brigade, presuming that it and its companion brigade, Green's, both of Bowen's Division, had been moved from Mississippi to Tennessee to oppose the Union forces there before Grant started his active campaigning to get around the southern flank of the Vicksburg defenses.

The brigade in its "reinforced line" formation.

Commanded by Colonel Francis Cockrell, it consisted of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th Missouri Infantry Regiments.  It was about 1,500 rifles strong in the spring of 1863, translating to five stands for the "On to Richmond!" rules I'm using.  These Old Glory 15s figures are painted in the "drab" uniform with which this brigade was outfitted.  They are mounted on 2" x 1" Litko 8mm bases.

The brigade in march column, showing one of the regimental flags used by Missouri forces.

I tried a different basing technique with this brigade, mixing my Americana Hauser medium green paint with Delta Ceramcoat Texture Builder to try and add some dimension to the bases.  Although it was thick when I applied it, the mixture flattened as it dried.  And it got glossy so I'll need to either put some matte glaze or some more green paint over it.  Oh well,  live and learn.

I also completed enough 'morale markers' for all of the brigades.  "On to Richmond!" uses a system of disrupting morale markers to record the effects of weapons fire and close combat.  I represent these with 1" hex bases and a casualty figure.

Confederate and Union morale markers.

Brigades can accumulate up to three morale markers, represented by the number of dots on each of the three faces of the hex marker.  The more markers received, the less effective a brigade can be.  Brigades with a morale marker must check on the morale table at the beginning of their division's activation even if they will not perform any action.  The brigade must follow the results immediately even if it means the brigade falls back or launches a charge against the nearest opponent.  Makes things interesting as one can never be sure what a 'shaky' brigade might do.

Next up in the painting queue is Bowen's Division command stand and the divisional artillery 'battalion" followed by Green's Brigade.

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