Saturday, May 14, 2022

Bowen's Command Group and Division Artillery


Major General John S. Bowen commanded a two-brigade division in the Department of Mississippi.  While his division was part of Pemberton's "Army of Mississippi," in my "imagi-nation" Civil War it and Forney's Division were transferred to central Tennessee prior to Grant beginning his campaign to take Vicksburg.  His First Brigade was featured in a previous post.  The second brigade (Green's) is being painted.

Bowen's command stand on left and division artillery on right

John S. Bowen began his Civil War career as a commander of Confederate Missouri infantry.  He was promoted to Brigadier General in March 1862 and led his brigade at Shiloh and Corinth before it was assigned to the Vicksburg garrison.  His efforts at Grand Gulf and Raymond led to him being promoted to major general and put in command of a division which he led at Champion Hill and then into Vicksburg.  He died of dysentery after the surrender.  Of course in "my world" his division was transferred to Tennessee and joined Hardee's Corps in the Army of Tennessee after Stone's River.

Bowen's command stand - a Battle Honors mounted general and an Old Glory 15s flag bearer

Bowen's division artillery consisted of three batteries - the Appeal (Arkansas) Battery (two 3" rifles and two 12-lb howitzers) and Guibor's (four 6-lb guns) and Landis' (two 12-lb Napoleons and two 24-lb howitzers) Missouri Batteries.  It is represented as having all smoothbore guns.  In the "On to Richmond!" rules, Confederate gun stands consist of 12 guns.

Old Glory 15s gunners and gun

The rest of the division, Green's Brigade is being painted and will be posted later.  The entire division, as well as all my Union and Confederate troops, will receive their "baptism of fire" in a game next Saturday.

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