Monday, May 30, 2022

Breckinridge's Division


This post shows all of Confederate Major General J. C. Breckinridge's Division of Hardee's Corps.  It was painted by my friend Larry on commission.  He did a great job.

As I've written before, my Confederate forces are loosely organized for Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee, during the mid-summer Tullahoma Campaign.

Except for the Battle Honors mounted officers, all the figures and guns are from Old Glory 15s.

Please click on the images for a larger picture.

Division command stand and divisional artillery

Breckinridge and his division flag bearer are on the left and the representation of the division artillery is on the right.

John Cabell Breckinridge was a son of Kentucky and Vice president of the United States under James Buchanan (1857-1861).  He unsuccessfully ran for president as a "Southern Democrat" in the 1860 election that saw Republican Abraham Lincoln elected president.  As one of Kentucky's senators he urged compromise to preserve the union but ultimately failed and fled to the southern controlled portion of Kentucky.  There he was commissioned as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army and then promoted to major general.  During the 1863 Tullahoma campaign his division served under General Joe Johnston in Mississippi against Major General U.S. Grant's offensive.  Recalled to Tennessee, Breckinridge's division participated in the battles at Chickamauga and Chattanooga.  For my purposes, this division did not go to Mississippi but stayed in Tennessee.

Breckinridge's division artillery consisted of three batteries.  Cobb's Battery, or the 1st Kentucky Artillery, started its service with four M1841 6-pound smoothbore guns and two M1841 12-pound mountain howitzers.  By July 1863 it had four M-1857 12-pound Napoleon guns.  Mebane's Tennessee Battery had four 12-pound howitzers.  Slocomb's Louisiana Battery had four 12-pound Napoleon guns and two James rifled guns.  For the purposes of the "On to Richmond!" rules all of these batteries are represented by one smoothbore gun.

Helm's Brigade

Helm's "1st Kentucky" or "Orphan" Brigade

The 1st Kentucky Brigade was originally commanded by Breckinridge.  Brigadier Benjamin Hardin Helm took over command in January 1863 and led the brigade until his death at Chickamauga.  The brigade was called the "Orphan" brigade after its recruiting ground in Kentucky was lost to the Union.  It served with the Army of Tennessee until the end of the war.  For the Tullahoma campaign it consisted of the 41st Alabama and the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 9th Kentucky Regiments.  With a strength of about 1500 men, it is represented by five stands of figures.

Adams' Brigade

Adams' Brigade

Commanded by Brigadier General John Adams, this brigade consisted of the 32nd Alabama, and the  13th/20th Louisiana, 16th/25th Louisiana, and 19th Louisiana Infantry Regiments, and the  14th Louisiana Sharpshooter Battalion.  With a strength of about 1200 men, it is represented by four stands of figures.

Stovall's Brigade

Stovall's Brigade

Commanded by Brigadier General Marcellus Stovall, this brigade is the smallest of the three in Breckinridge's Division.  For this campaign it consisted of the 1st/3rd Florida, 4th Florida, 47th Georgia, and 60th North Carolina Infantry Regiments.  With a strength of about 900 men, it is represented by 3 stands of figures.

This division completes my Confederate troops for the time being.  Now off they go to battle!

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