Friday, July 2, 2021

Khorasanian Horse Archers and More Arab Infantry

As I continue painting my way towards a break from 15mm Dark Ages/Early medieval figures, I added four newly purchased horse archers to four I had painted many years ago to make an eight figure unit of light bow cavalry.  These figures are from Alternative Armies' Dark Age Isarus line, the Arab ARC-8, Khorasanian horse archers.  I originally had twelve of these figures but when I got the GMT "Commands & Colors - Medieval" game, eight of them were quickly grouped into a unit of light bow cavalry.

These differ from the other unit only with their red skull caps.  The other unit, although wearing shades of red tunics, have light blue skull caps.

And I've added to my Arab infantry with two more 12-figure units.  These units can be used as medium infantry, warrior infantry, or auxilia infantry, which gives me plenty of latitude in deploying them in various Middle Eastern armies.

This "red" shield unit has nine assorted Miniature Figurines Middle Eastern infantry figures and three unknown manufacturer Middle Eastern figures.  The unit standard is just a "made-up" one using a geometric design.

This "dark" shield unit has the same composition.  The unit standard is also "made-up."

This post was delayed a number of weeks due to forgetfulness on my part.  But now it is up and the next post will catch us up to date with my 15mm early Medieval forces.

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