Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Khazar Heavy Cavalry and Moslem Infantry

Although these were started in May, I didn't complete them until now.

First, a unit of Khazar heavy cavalry (Essex Miniatures, Asiatic Hordes, #HA6a) have joined the Byzantine forces as foederati.  They are armed with lances, swords, and bows, giving them a multi-level means of attack and defense.

The Khazar unit of 12 heavy heavy cavalry

Close-up of a stand depicting the hand-painted "S" design on the shield.

And now the first of five units of Moslem infantry.  This particular unit has four 15mm Miniature Figurines figures (rectangular bases) and eight others from an unknown manufacturer.  These can be used as warriors, medium infantry, or auxiliaries.

The MiniFigs are rather "static" sculpts while the others are more animated.
But they both seem to work well together.

The command stand showing the leader brandishing his sword and another view of the flag from the Warflag web site .  Although dating from the Victorian colonial era (1880s), it works OK for me back in the circa 1000 era.

Next up are four Khorasanian mounted archers to complete a unit to 8 figures, followed by two more units of Moslem infantry.

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