Sunday, July 18, 2021

Reinforcing the Loyalist Cavalry

I finally got around to painting an additional four mounted figures for my Loyalist York Dragoons, a "made-up" regiment of Tory horse.  This regiment is composed of vintage Custom Cast mounted dragoons from their American Revolution line.  I've had eight of them painted and based for a long time and finally acquired another four to complete the unit.

Please click on an image to see a larger picture.

Here they are as I begin to paint them.
I use some older 1 liter soda bottle caps on to which I glue the horse (or in this case the horse and rider) in order to paint them.  This allows me to hold onto the bottle cap rather than the figure as I paint.

Here they are completed but still attached to the bottle caps.
I painted one of the figures as an officer after cutting and paring away his slung musketoon.
He's on the far left of the image.

The two newly based stands.  The officer described above is the figure on the far left.
He is riding his favorite bay horse.

And the complete unit with the newly painted command group figures on the center front stand and the others on the front right-hand stand.

This regiment joins the British 17th Light Dragoons and the mounted portion of the Queen's Rangers as the cavalry arm of my British Expeditionary force.  They are opposed by two Continental mounted units -- Bland's Dragoons and William Washington's Dragoons.


Old Nick said...

Well, Custom Cast figures. They are a piece of Wargames history.

A very nice Looking regiment also!

ColCampbell50 said...

Thanks, Mark. I do like Custom Cast. It is a shame that they are no longer available.


David Morfitt said...

Very attractive-looking figures. :-) And I hope they perform well on the wargames table...