Monday, April 12, 2021

The Huns Have Arrived!

First, let me correct an error.  In three previous posts I misidentified some Miniature Figurines horse archers as Huns when really they are Cumans.  My apologies to the Cuman nation.

But now the Huns have actually arrived!  Part of an order from Essex Miniatures have been completed, 8 Hun horse archers from packs HU-1 and HU-6.

They will eventually be joined by another 8-figure unit and some heavier Hun cavalry.

Next in the painting queue is a unit of Byzantine medium cavalry and some assorted leaders, followed by a unit of Byzantine heavy cavalry and a unit of Sassanid medium cavalry.  This will complete the forces needed to fight the three-phase Battle of Decimum (533 AD) from the "Commands & Colors - Medieval" scenarios.

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Phil said...

Nice looking Huns, fast and furious!