Tuesday, April 20, 2021

And Some Mounted Leaders

Taking a short break from painting cavalry units, I turn some excess mounted figures into leader stands and paint some of the Old Glory 15s Hun command pack as an Attila command stand.  Please click on each image for an enlarged view.

First up is a spare Byzantine mounted extra heavy horse archer.  The figure is a vintage Table Top Games (now manufactured by Alternative Armies) BYC-2, Byzantine EHC with bow.

The dark rectangle is a small piece of magnetic material
to which the leader's nametag will be adhered for games.

Next are two spare super heavy cavalry figures from the Old Glory ES-3 Sassanid cataphracts pack.  They have been painted to match the colors of the two Sassanid cataphract units currently in my order of battle.

Both have copper metallic face masks which was a common addition to the cataphracts armor.
The "red" leader has a gold gilded helmet while the "yellow" leader has a silver gilded helmet.

And finally, Attila himself, along with his standard bearer and a mounted drummer.  Attila's color scheme is based on the Angus McBride rendition of the leader in the Osprey Attila and the Nomad Hordes (Elite #30).

Attila's horse harness is heavily decorated with gold ornamentation and, although not visible from this view, he has his golden gilded bow in his bowcase.

Work continues on additional cavalry units.

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