Friday, April 16, 2021

And Even More Cavalry

As I prepare my 15mm miniatures to be used with the "Commands & Colors - Medieval" gaming system, I have discovered that I had much more infantry than cavalry for this period (6th & 7th Centuries AD).  So with few exceptions, all I've been doing is painting cavalry.  And I've added two more units.

First is a unit of Byzantine medium cavalry, using Table Top Games figures now produced by Alternative Armies of Scotland in their "Dark Age and Ancients Isarus" range.  The figures used are BYC-3, Byzantine Heavy Cavalry with lance and BYC-4, Byzantine heavy cavalry with bow, along with two command figures from BYC-8, Byzantine cavalry command.  These are one-piece castings and are very well done (for the most part).

I used various shades of red as their distinguishing color.  Each stand has two melee cavalrymen and one mounted archer denoting that this unit is "Medium Bow Cavalry" in the "C&C-Medieval" system.

The second unit I added was a conglomeration of various Miniature Figurines Middle Eastern light cavalry figures.  These were acquired already painted in several different purchases over the past several years.  Eventually I will replace the missing and broken weapons but as I will be needing them shortly, that can wait.  This is a very rag-tag unit, but what can you expect from 'mercenary' light cavalry?

Finally I took two spare medium cavalry figures that were left over after a previous reorganization and made them into mounted leaders.  They are, I believe, Miniature Figurines, but I do not know from what 'country' they come.  I needed them to replace two of the above light cavalry figures as mounted leaders.  To distinguish the two, I'll probably redo the shield, crest, and cloak on one of them.

The dark pieces on the bases are magnetic and are used to attach the leader's name during battles.

And even more cavalry is in the painting queue and will be featured shortly.

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