Friday, September 27, 2019

Genesis of My TMP Moniker

Just asked over on The Miniatures Page is how did you come by your moniker on TMP.  Well as many of you can guess, mine is "Col Campbell" from my very first painted wargame mounted commander - from the venerable Airfix Waterloo Highland box.  Since Campbell is one of my family names, the mounted officer became Colonel Campbell and has led my Napoleonic British forces since the early 1970s.  And yes, even though an Airfix plastic figure, he's still going strong.

And realizing that I've never posted a picture of the figure, here it is:

Please click on photo for a larger image.
He was painted during my 1970-1971 third year at university, not long after meeting my long-time friend and wargaming buddy, Lord Sterling.  We've been gaming together now for 49 years!!!


Fitz-Badger said...

That's pretty cool. Nice story and such a long time friend as part of.

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

My TMP moniker is 'Bob the Temple Builder', and came about as a result of a telephone conversation. I had to phone a fellow Freemason about something urgent, and knew that his employer did not like him receiving personal calls. I therefore told the switchboard that I was Bob (my real name) and that I was phoning from Temple Builders (which is a sort of shorthand name for Freemasons). (The operator made a joke about me being Bob the builder like the children's TV show, to which I replied that I had not heard that one before.) I was put through immediately ... and it became my moniker by default.