Wednesday, October 17, 2018

No More an Unknown Soldier

Some months ago, I purchased a batch of Franco-Prussian War figures that included 24 painted Prussian infantry mounted four to a stand.  I had never seen this type of sculpt but I figured that they were an older sculpting just from the more slender appearance.

Unfortunately the bases were too big for the rule set I use, Chassepot and Needlegun.  So I was forced to soak and separate the figures from the bases, which went without any problems.  Once the figures were cleaned of glue and flocking, I searched for any markings.

Here is a picture of one of the infantrymen showing the round base.  There were no markings on bottom of the base but there was something engraved on the top.

As I looked at all of the bases, there were several where the base color had remained in the etching.

And lo, almost like the "One Ring," I could discern the word "Willie."  These were vintage Willie figures!!

So now I have a battalion of Willie German infantry.  With a little judicious repainting, mainly the cuffs, they have become the 2nd Battalion, 1st Hessian Infantry Regiment, Lieb Garde, of the 49th Infantry Brigade, 25th Ducal Hessian Infantry Division, IX Corps.  Their compatriot 1st Battalion is composed of vintage 1" Scruby figures.  And being the Lieb Garde, it is only fitting that both battalions be composed of such vintage figures.

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johnpreece said...

Very nice! and still in production should you want to expand the range of units. The French Zouaves are brilliant and the cantinieres add a touch of style.