Sunday, October 7, 2018

Killing the Wako

Last Saturday, five of the Jackson Gamers met at Russ' house for a samurai game using his magnificently painted 25/28mm figures.  Russ had set up a scenario where a local daimyo's forces were attacking a wako (pirate) base.  Three of us controlled the daimyo's forces and two controlled the pirates.

My command, on the right flank, consisted of six ashigaru units, five with melee weapons and one with bows.  We used a highly modified samurai warfare version of the venerable "Rules by Ral."

Here are a few pictures I took using the camera on my phone.  They are not the best since I have an inexpensive phone (not really needing anything better).  I had forgotten to bring my regular camera.

My command marches forward towards the wako village.

My target was a small stretch of wattle wall just to the right of the main gate.

But we were distracted by a couple of ambushes.  On my right one of my ashigaru units spotted some pirates hiding in rough terrain.  They got the jump and charged me but my men fought them off and forced them to fall back.  I followed up and destroyed those pirates.

While on my left a group of armed peasants tried the same thing but, seeing my staunch fellows, couldn't get up the nerve to attack.  My ashigaru charged them and they wouldn't stand, fleeing to the rear.  My men followed them through the rough terrain and scattered them completely.  That's two enemy units destroyed!

After my bowmen had softened up the defenders, I launched my first attack.  I could only fit one unit at a time into the attack.  My first unit didn't do so well, eventually losing all but two men  and fleeing to the rear after the unit's samurai leader was killed in the attack.

My next unit didn't do so well either, losing its samurai leader and half the ashigaru.  But the defenders had been whittled down.  Maybe my next attack would be successful.

But my third attack was also unsuccessful though this unit's leader wasn't killed.  They would rally and come back to support my final attacks.

My final attack killed two of the last four defenders but lost five of their own.  I still had another complete unit to throw in when the pirates, realizing further resistance was futile, threw down their weapons.
While I was involved attacking on the right flank, my two compatriots launched their attacks on the center and left.  The center force consisted of two mounted and three foot samurai units and aimed for the main gate.  The left flank force had the same composition as mine.  Both ran into ambushes but successfully fought them off.  Their attacks finally went in and destroyed almost all the pirates causing the game to be called.

We had a good game, especially using Russ' exquisite figures and his wonderful terrain.  Russ is a retired college art professor and has a deft hand with a paint brush.  We always enjoy his games.

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