Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Paint for Victory - Part 2

Last night I completed the first of two rifle sections for the Anglican League reinforcements.  These ten Battle Honours figures will join their brethern of the 1st Section as part of No. 2 Company, Cambridge Fencibles, defending western Suffolk from the depredations of the Royalists and their British Union of Fascists allies.

The figure on the front right shows how I mark the rear of the bases to distinguish the various commands.  Anglicans get this nice medium blue with one, two, or three slashes for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Sections.  Other colors used are white for Royalist, black for BUF, red for revolutionary Naval, orange for socialists, and green for local defense.

I still have to paint another rifle section, a heavy machinegun team, and a number of command figures before my game on Saturday, May 17.

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A J said...

Nice work. I like the idea of putting unit markings on the bases. My figures are in 10mm, but it might be practical for me to follow your example. When funds permit, I intend to raise a platoon of BUF for my Socialists and LDV to shoot at. ;)