Saturday, May 24, 2014

Paint for Victory - Part 5

Although the Very British Civil War Forum's Paint for Victory campaign ended on May 16, I still have some more painting to get ready for my Bayou Wars convention game on June 14.  So, I'll keep on campaigning!!

Right now I'm working on some more troops which I currently have undercoated.  They'll start to get some paint tomorrow afternoon during the Indianapolis 500 and in the evening during the Coca-Cola 600.  Its a big racing day with the Grand Prix of Monaco in the morning and then the American races.

This evening after I undercoated the troops, I began serious work on the armored truck for the BUF Special Assault Section.  It is based on a Matchbox Models of Yestreyear Crossley.  Here are two views of the work in progress.

I removed the spare tire on the right side.  The hood (bonnet) and front grill have armored (matte board) covers and the sides and back have been built up with armored plate (folder stock).  The posts will eventually hold a mesh top to stop grenades from coming into the passenger compartment.  The driver's cab will get armored sides and an armored top.  The SAS leftenant stands beside his "chariot."

A front view of the work in progress.  I still haven't figured out when I'll start painting it, either now before I make the segments for the cab or afterwards.  Ah, decisions, decisions.
I've also got some additional hedges in progress using heavy duty pot scrubbers for the body of the hedge.  More on them later.

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