Saturday, April 26, 2014

Paint for Victory - Part 1

In a thread on the Very British Civil War Forum, "Taking a Swing at Lead Mountain," the original poster suggested a communal effort to make a concerted effort to get some of our laggard VBCW projects completed.  I posted that I had a number of figures just undercoated that needed to be completed before my game on May 17.  So it looks like we have a target!

Here is the first picture of the progress:

Last night I painted the shoes and puttees or riding boots on 22 infantry, 2 mounted officers, 3 foot officers, and 2 3-man heavy machine gun teams.  They'll get their pants tonight.

These are Battle Honours figures from Old Glory 15s/19th Century Miniatures ( link ) here in the US.  Some of the figures sculpting is a little crude but they look very nice when painted, plus the price and shipping was very reasonable.  They are glued to roofing nails that have large flat heads and held in a block of Styrofoam.  The nails give me a good purchase and I can angle them just about anyway I need to paint the various bits.

More later!

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When recruitment is down throw a kegger with a Kings Shilling in the bottom of the mug. Keep painting and I hope to see them on the 17th.