Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Additions to Very British Civil War Forces

I've added some more troops to upgrade my Revolutionary Naval force and my British Union of Fascist force.

The Revolutionary Naval company has augmented its headquarters element with three additional figures - a Leftenant resplendent in his whites (but with a red armband to show his "true" colors) and two seamen (front left and right).  The senior petty officer (back left) who was in command as been relegated to 2ic while the petty officer (right rear) now carries a banner suitably engrossed "Maritime Defence Force."  The figures are a mix of Pulp Figures (leftenant, from pack PBT 16) and Brigade Games (packs BG-WIAG 15, 16, and 17).  The banner is courtesy of Leics-Gamer from the VBCW Forum [link].  I also added two more riflemen to each of the rifle sections in the company.

I've also replaced my old "true 25mm" British colonial naval gunners with bigger 28mm 20th Century British naval figures from Pulp Figures (pack PBT 16).

Although they are not really in "gunner" poses, they'll do until I can find something better.  The gun is one that I have had for a very long time (as you can see from the "yellowing" of the white enamel paint).

The Revolutionary Naval company is now up to strength of 35 figures (5 in HQ and 10 in each rifle section) plus a 4-man gun team.

The British Union of Fascist (BUF) local forces from east Essex (Colchester area) have added an expanded headquarters element and a third rifle section.

Now called  the Bolton Rifles (banner and name courtesy of Leics-Gamer again), the expanded headquarters element has a captain (center), leftenant (far left), sergeant (right center), banner bearer (left center, obviously), and a rifle grenadier (far right).  These figures and the ones in the Third Section (below) are from Pulp Figures (packs PGS 15 and 16).

The Third Rifle Section has a sergeant (center with raised hand), eight riflemen, and one rifle grenadier (kneeling figure next to sergeant).

This completes the BUF Bolton Rifles to a company of 35 figures (5 in HQ and 10 in each rifle section) plus a 3-man heavy machine-gun team.

Now I've almost completed all the units that I have on-hand.  I still have to complete painting a new figure for the Squire of East Bergholt (a special Pulp Figures model), a section of mercenaries who will, initially, fight on the Anglican/Albertian side, and two Daimler armored cars for the Royalist armored force.

I've also identified some possible cavalry and infantry additions to the Royalist/BUF forces and cavalry additions to the Anglican/Albertian forces.  But it will be a while before they are ready for combat.

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