Thursday, March 13, 2014

BUF Special Assault Section

Ever since before Christmas I have been in in painting doldrums.  But I took this week off from work and have used part of the time to finish a 10-man section of British Union of Fascists Special Assault Service troops for my Very British Civil War forces.  The figures are Pulp Figures German troops in coalscuttle helmets, PGS-08 and -10.

The leftenant in charge of the Special Assault Section is a hardened veteran of the Great War and the Freikorps fighting in the early 1920s.  He is armed with a Bergnman MP 18 with a straight magazine.

The entire assault section - one leftenant (above), two sergeants (each armed with a Bergman MP 18 with TM 08 "snail" magazine), five riflemen, one rifle-grenadier (kneeling), and one grenadier.
Those of you who are fans of David Weber's Honorverse science fiction books will recognize the uniform colors as belonging to the State Security forces of the People's Republic of Haven.
This unit will eventually have its own "armored" vehicle as soon as I can convert a Crossley with added "armored" sides, etc.  These troops are all veterans and will be used by the Colchester Royalist/BUF garrison to crack any "hard nuts" they encounter.

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John Lambshead said...

British troops in Hun helmets. I think I'm going to have palpitations.