Friday, April 30, 2010

Tower & Zariba - Post #3

I made some more progress on the tower and zariba, and even on one of the gun emplacements (from several posts ago).

The Watch Tower

Here the tower has received an initial coat of medium gray paint.  I'll highlight this with lighter gray and white and also throw in some lighter brown and tan drybrushing.  The hillock still needs its terraining application applied.

The roof was constructed of a piece of 60 point cardstock and covered with a piece of white washcloth which has been painted with a watered down gray same as the rest of the tower.  The roof will receive a brown, tan, and green drybrushing to simulate vegetation covering.

The Zariba

I applied Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty to the base and then painted the whole thing Sandstone.  The vegetation was applied with Tacky glue.  I'll spray it with a diluted glue later and apply some more vegetation.

Here are two 2" sections sheltering a couple of Ral Partha British Naval landing party figures.
The Artillery Emplacement

Finally I added some interior planking and supports to one of the gun emplacements.  I'll do the same with the other two prior to applying the terraining.
All Three Pieces

Here's an overview of all three pieces.

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A J said...

Useful tips on constructing those pieces. Thanks for sharing.