Thursday, April 15, 2010

Artillery Emplacement

As I continue preparations for my June convention game, I needed some field fortifications for the supply post at Wadi Zoum-Zoum.  Using some of the 1/2" blue foam that I rescued from a dumpster, I created three small artillery emplacements, each capable of holding one gun and its four man crew.

I used my battery powered hot wire cutter to shape the foam and then cut out a small base of Masonite (a type of hardboard invented in my home state of Mississippi), beveling the edges with a wood rasp.  The base was spray painted with a sand camouflage color and the walls of the emplacement was painted with a sandstone color craft acrylic.  The two were then glued together with Elmer's white glue.  Good enough right now for the first play-test on Saturday, they will eventually have interior wooden slat walls and a terrain application on the outside and the "floor" of the interior.  I anticipate that I can use these for just about any period from the mid 1700s to modern times.

Here's another view from a slightly higher angle.

The Krupp gun and the Egyptian gunners are Ral Partha figures.

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A J said...

Very nice models shaping up there, Colonel. I'm looking forward to seeing them complete. Emplacements like those featured in many battles over the horse and musket period, yet I can't recall more than a few occasions when I've seen them used on the tabletop.