Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Trailer" Cats

Permit me a small diversion from the world of imagi-nations.

On Monday, July 6, my son and I pulled by small cargo trailer out from the side of my garage to use it to collect some flooring from my daughter's dance studio. As we were pulling the trailer out a cat flashed out, scampered up the retaining wall between my property and the neighbor's, and disappeared into his back yard. Not thinking anything of it since there are several stray cats that inhabit the neighborhood, we went on about our business. But returning later that afternoon, I espied a piece of scrap plastic and what appeared to be a pile of yellow "stuff" where we would put the trailer. Walking towards it, the closer I got the more distinct was the pile until I realized that it was three very small yellow kittens, about one week old. It appears that Momma cat had moved her litter underneath the trailer sometime between Friday evening, July 3, and earlier that morning. Well, my son and I carefully moved the trailer back over the kittens. I was afraid that maybe we had scared Momma cat completely away but she was back when I checked on them the next morning.

So we have been "adopted" (temporarily, I hope) by the cats. I'm providing them with water but not food as I don't want to encourage her too much. This afternoon I finally thought about taking a picture of them. When I approached Momma cat and the kittens directly she jumped down from her overwatch position on the trailer bed and positioned herself between me and the kittens with a "That's close enough!" look. I crouched down and took this picture.

Once she realized that I wasn't coming any closer, she relaxed and I took the next picture.

As cute as the kittens are, I have absolutely NO plans on keeping them as pets. My son is allergic to cats (and to dogs as well) and we have too much stuff inside the house for them to get into. I estimate they are about three weeks old, so in another three weeks or so, I'' try to catch the three kittens and take them to our local animal rescue league for adoption.


David Morfitt said...

That's good that the kittens will be rehomed but might it be possible to get the mother cat neutered (speyed) too, as these feral/stray cats have a really rough time and umpteen pregnancies don't help? Is there a local animal shelter that would do that? If she's not feral but just stray is it possible to get the mother rehomed too, in fact? She's an attractive looking cat, which will help if so.


David (who does a lot of work for a cat rehoming charity in England!).

ColCampbell50 said...



Good suggestion, but there are several steps in that recipe.

First step in recipe - catch the cat. She won't let me get close to her which means I'll have to get a humane (animane ?) trap for her. Supposedly the city has them but I haven't yet inquired about availability.

Second step in recipe - finding shelter/program that will do neutering for free as I can't afford that cost.

Third step - getting Animal Rescue League to accept what may be a wild cat that won't be adoptable. Only options then is to release her back into wild or put her down. That is last and least desirable option.

She is very pretty and the picture doesn't do her justice.


David Morfitt said...

Hi Jim,

Hope it works out - I know it can be very difficult in these circumstances! Good luck - and to the cat...