Thursday, July 9, 2009

Regiment Eisenmühlen - Test Figure

The Barony of Eisenmühlen is located just to the south of the Margraviate of Carpania and has been allied with Carpania for many, many years. Eisenmühlen is noted for its iron and coal mines and its foundries, especially those that cast artillery pieces. Its current ruler, Baron von Trask, holds commissions in both the Carpanian army and the Britannian army. His military contribution to the Electoral alliance forces consists primarily of artillery, but he also has a regiment of infantry.

Baron von Trask (left) and an unidentified ADC
(both are RSM95 figures)

The figure to the right is a test painting of an RSM95 AWI British infantryman. Thity of these figures, plus six command staff, will comprise the Regiment Eisenmühlen. I originally got them as part of my American Revolution forces but they are just a little too tall for my Scruby, MiniFig, and Custom Cast units. However they fit perfectly in my 18th century Imagi-nation armies.

They will wear a uniform of dark cherry coats, buff facings, small clothes, and breeches, charcoal gaiters, and black tricorne edged in yellow. This musketeer still has to get his sealant coat, "dip" coat, and matte coat.

I think these will make an excellent addition to my little armies.

Note: I've patterned the Barony of
Eisenmühlen after the statelet of Schaumburg-Lippe which provided a large artillery park, as well as an infantry battalion used as an escort force, to His Britannic Majesty's Army in Germany during the Seven Years War.


Ken said...

I do like the RSM figures, and you've done them justice. I picked up a pack of RSM Arnauts at the Seven Years War convention a few years ago. They'll represent the Moerish contingent of el Ejercito Magnifico, the Army of la Union Real de Scandalusia y Cuatrofenia.

A J said...

I like RSM too. You're making a good job of the Rev. War infantryman. I'll wander into the AWI line for inspiration myself one of these days.

Fitz-Badger said...

Good work on the AWI soldier. The cherry coat works nicely.

Capt Bill said...

I really like your RSM figures and you have certainly done them justice!

abdul666 said...

The dark cherry / buff combination is specially pleasant.
Probably because I prefer the WAS times and fashion over those of the SYW, I favour white gaiters -I feel black ones make the unit as whole more 'gloomy', subduing its colors, and with white gaiters Regiment Eisenmühlen would look less 'AWI' - 200% personal of course.
Good to have you back to the Lace Wars!