Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dervishes Finally Finished!

After many weeks of procrastination, I finally finished the last unit of my small Victorian Colonial Dervish force - a unit of 12 mounted spearmen. Shown below with the unit leader (holding flag) and a senior mounted leader, they are venerable 25mm Ral Partha figures. As always, please click on the picture for a larger view.

My Dervish force now consists of three 20-figure infantry units, this 12-figure cavalry unit, two 4-figure gun crews (using whatever guns may be available), and two senior leaders (one mounted and one foot ), plus a prophet. Coupled with my small Beja force of two 20-figure infantry units and one 12-figure camelry unit, this will make a handy army to wreck havoc in the Soudan against the British and their Egyptian lackeys.

Of course I still have to finish with the Egyptians. And then there are the rest of the Bedouin/Berber style Arabs, and the Pathans, and more British, and an Indian lancer unit left to go. So I'm not finished with the Victorian Colonial "lead mountain" yet!


Capt Bill said...

Col Campbell,
Reich Duke Wilhelm will be visiting soon. He has always been fascinated by whirling Dervishes and can't wait to see some. Best regards...Bill

ColCampbell50 said...

Having seen some real Whirling Dervishes doing one of their religious dances, these will come nowhere close to matching them. But they will try!

Looking forward to His Excellency's visit. If you desire, you can contact me at jmcp1650 at comcast dot net to "coordinate" details.