Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Truce

In anticipation of the visit by F.M. Reichduke Wilhelm von Beerstein (see and ), Major General Campbell, O.T., is arranging a truce between Markgraf Hapnich of Carpania, his employer, and the Dukes of Courland and Sachsen-Wachsenstein.

Duke Pavlov of Courland (green coat) and Duke Siegfried (light gray coat) arrive at Potzdorf, escorted by a troop of the Courland Timofievich Cossacks.

Major General Campbell. O.T., greets the Dukes and introduces them to the Markgraf prior to beginning the truce discussions.


Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm is overwhelmed that a truce could be established in order to facilitate his visit. Hopefully such a magnanimous gesture might be extended to the peace and safety of all concerned!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Wow who would have thought the Reich Dukes visit would have caused such a meeting. Very fun photos.

old-tidders said...

Nicely posed vignettes.

I hope the truce holds.

-- Allan