Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Campbell's Highlanders

As the Markgraf and his entourage watch, the first wing of Campbell's Highlander Battalion marches onto the army drill field just outside the walls of Potzdorf. They have been raised as part of Major General Seamus Campbell's contract for service with the Margraviate of Carpania.

Parading past the royal party outside their marquee.

The Highlanders will be brigaded with the Carpanian converged grenadiers, a battalion of which is drawn up to receive them.

General Baron von Stuppe, the army commander, and Major General Campbell watch as the Highlanders make a complicated maneuver that puts them in front of the Markgraf.

A close-up of the 1st wing of Campbell's Highlander Battalion. They carry the simple St. Andrew's flag and are accompanied wherever they go by the stirring pipes.

The Highlanders are from the Front Rank Jacobite line. The second wing is still being equipped (i.e., being painted).


Fitz-Badger said...

Cool! I almost think every army should have some Highlanders! :-)

tradgardmastare said...

Figures look great -well done Sir!

ColCampbell50 said...

Fitz-Badger -- That is my exact sentiment. As such my ECW, AWI, Napoleonic, and Victorian Colonial armies all have Highland units.

tradgardmastare -- Thank you. I was able to adequately paint the kilt, but had to give up on the diagonal red striping on the hose after several tries.


old-tidders said...

Nicely painted unit.

As they are on parade are they wearing the regulation undergarments ?

-- Allan

Fitz-Badger said...

ColCampbell - sounds great! I'm going to be sure to add highlanders if/when I branch out and do other periods (some day I want to do some more Colonials - I did some many years ago, for The Sword and the Flame, but those have long since been passed on; and I want to do ECW era one of these days; and who knows what else)