Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flash from the Past

I just ran across this photo showing an early wargame (circa 1972) being played in the wing of my parents house in which my two brothers and I grew up. It is a Napoleonic battle using Scruby, MiniFigs, and Airfix figures and our group's homegrown house rules, with 30-40 man infantry battalions and 30-50 man cavalry regiments.
It's in black and white because we haven't gotten to Oz yet. :^)


Snickering Corpses said...

That's fascinating. Thank you for sharing that! I'm amused, because I have a photo of my own father in just those sort of sideburns, too :>

MurdocK said...

Absolutely fantastic!

I am really pleased to know now that I walk along a path trod by at least one father before me.

Are you 'in' the picture at this point?

Do you recall playing along with your family in any games?

I am asking as I have three sons and so far only one is really old enough to start taking part in the games and he has already taken to 'making up' some of his own homebrew rules. It is time that we get to really share together.