Monday, October 8, 2007


Like many others have done (and will do), I have translated my interest in the Seven Years War into an alternate reality - using fictional countries as a backdrop for battles during this period. So far I've painted and mounted troops for two of them - the Margraviate of Carpania (ruled by Markgraf Friedrich Hapnich) which uses Prussian troops, uniforms, and flags, and the Duchy of Courland (ruled by Duke Yakov Alexandrovich Pavlov) which uses Russian troops, uniforms, and flags. Other fictional countries for which I have unpainted troops will be the Duchy of Grand Fenwick (British), Principality of Concordia (French), Principality of Campostella (Spanish), Duchy of Sachsen-Wachsenstein (Saxon), and Duchy of Friezland (Hanoverian). All these imaginary countries will be located in the similarly imaginary Kreis of Mittleland (which will occupy the same area as Thuringia in central Germany).

For those of you who are steeped in the names of imaginary movie countries, I'm sure you'll recognize several of the names, especially the Duchy of Grand Fenwick (from The Mouse That Roared) and the Markgraviate of Carpania (from The Great Race).

Here are some pictures of the units I have so far. The first four are from the Margraviate of Carpania and the last is from the Duchy of Courland.

Markgraf Friedrich Hapnich of Margraviate of Carpania
(a Front Rank Frederick the Great figure)

Colonel von Warsteiner, commander of the Warsteiner Grenadier Battalion and proprietor of the Warsteiner FreiKorps. The officer is an old Hinchliffe and the grenadier is a specially commissioned figure offered by Grenadier Books (

1st Battalion of Fusilier Regiment von Stuppe (Front Rank figures).

Freikorps von Warsteiner (Front Rank figures)

1st Battalion, Musketeer Regiment Livlansicher Orden (Sash & Saber figures)

Although these units are ready for gaming, I still have some more work to do on them, such as completing the terraining of the bases and doing some detailed touch-up of the figures.

I'll post more as they become available.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Very nice looking figures you have painted! I especially like your "Margraf Friedrich". Usually, one does not see eyes done that well in miniature. On the other hand, your figure's face and expression look completely natural. Well done! I'll make your blog one of my regular stops.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

abdul666 said...

being a passionate aficionado of "IMAGINARY LACE WARS", I always enjoy to discover a new 'brother in taste'!
Now, what abou taking the plunge and designing, at least as a 'marginal' project, a few IMAGINARY UNIFORMS? Even 'Der Alte Fritz' of 'Historically - Prussian - Hesse-Seewald' fame endvisage to do that for Milady de Winter's privately owned escort of Black Hussars and several militia types, for skirmish games he plays with Bill Protz in parallel with their 'main, serious' Hesse-Seewald vs Gallia campiagn!
Indeed our dear 'historical' Jim P. is modelling a Lace Wars 'armed ballon' (post on the TMP)...

Best regards,

P.S.: 'Tricorn' Imagi-Nation aficionado since very, very long, as described on my blog «Monte-Cristo by Lace Wars»
lien ‘Tinyurl’


abdul666 said...

(As a post-scriptum of a kind)


do you already know the heraldic «mouse rampant»
that ‘tidders’ designed for the flags of ‘his’ (interpretation of) the Duchy of Fenwick?


abdul666 said...

what about 'labeling' your posts, for easier navigation & enjoyable explorative discovery of your blog?
Best regards,