Thursday, November 22, 2007

Le Grande Revue - Part 1

After a summer and fall of campaigning, my Napoleonic forces will soon go into winter quarters. But before they do, and following the example of Der Alte Fritz, I have decided to conduct a grand review of my troops. This will allow me to ensure I have an accurate accounting of the forces that are painted and based, as well as to make some minor repairs to battlefield damage. My Prussian, Russian, and French forces are organized on the August 1813 orders of battle for the Coalition’s Armies of the North and of Silesia and the Grande Armee’s Army of Berlin.

This review is divided into three segments. The first will cover the smallest of the three, the Russians. The Prussians and the French and their allies will be covered in subsequent posts.

The Russians of Corps Winzingerode, consist of the following:

21st Infantry Division, commanded by Generalmajor Laptiev, is represented by the Lithuanian, Petrovsk, and Polotsk Infantry Regiments, using Miniature Figurines figures, in a brigade commanded by Colonel Rosen, and

Heavy Battery No. 12, equipped by 12-lbrs, using older Miniature Figurines figures and guns; and Light Battery No. 11, equipped with 6-lbrs, using older Miniature Figurines figures and guns.

The corps cavalry is represented by:

3rd Cavalry Brigade, commanded by Generalmajor Pahlen, consists of Dragoon Regiments Riga and Finland, both using Scruby figures.

8th Cavalry Brigade is represented by the Mounted Jager Regiment Nijinsk, using Miniature Figurines figures.

Reserve Brigade (fictitious), commanded by Prince Jakov Alexandrovitch Pavlov, is represented by I Battalion, Pavlov Grenadier Regiment, using Der Kriegspieler figures; I Battalion, Finnlandski Guard Jager Regiment, using Der Kriegspieler figures; and Chevalier Garde Cavalry Regiment (with two squadrons of horse grenadiers), using Der Kriegspieler and Scruby figures.

Note: These are some of the oldest metal troops in my Napoleonic armies, having been purchased in the early 1970s while I was in college.


Ed said...

Excellent! I find these Reviews to be fantastic motivation.

I eagerly await the rest of the review!

Ed v. H-f

Der Alte Fritz said...

Very stirring stuff indeed. I will look forward to seeing the rest of the troops reviewed.

ColCampbell50 said...

Thank you very much, gentlemen. I appreciate your comments. All the rest of the pictures are taken and edited. Now just to find the time to post everything!


MurdocK said...

Yes Kudos to the grand reviews.

I may have to post some of my own...just to note what units I have in their gathered state.