Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Prussian and Hessian Heavy Artillery, 1870-1871

The Fabrik Eisenmuhlen has been busy these past weeks turning out artillery for the German forces.  Three more batteries of artillery have joined or rejoined the Prussian IX Armeekorps, two Prussian and one Hessian.

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The two Prussian batteries are each composed of three Old Glory Krupp guns and six Foundry gunners.  I painted and assembled the guns but the gunners were bought already painted.

3rd (left) and 4th (right) Prussian Heavy Batteries

In addition, the 1st Hessian Heavy Battery has been 'upgunned' with two of its older, non-standard guns exchanged for two 'vintage' Falcon Krupp guns.  The gunners are 'vintage' Scruby 1" figures that I bought already painted.

1st Hessian Heavy Battery
The original gun is in the center, flanked by the two additions.

The German army at this time was well equipped with artillery.  My rendition of the Prussian IX Armeekorps will eventually have sixteen batteries of artillery, against the French 15th Loire Corps with only eleven batteries (three heavy, four light, one horse, and three Mitrailleuse).  That is not unusual as the German forces normally had much more artillery than did the French and employed it much better than the French.  That helped to make up for the difference in effective ranges between the German Dreyse 'needlegun' rifles and the French Chassepot rifles.

IX Armeekorps artillery -- two heavy batteries, two light batteries, and one horse battery

18th Prussian Infantry Division -- two heavy batteries and two light batteries

25th Hessian Infantry Division -- two heavy batteries, three light batteries, and one horse battery 

16th Prussian Cavalry Division -- one horse battery

All of the above except four Prussian batteries are complete.  The 2nd Hessian Heavy, 3rd Hessian Light, and 1st Hessian Horse batteries are complete but not yet painted.  The Prussian 3rd and 4th Light Batteries are painted but lack three gunners each.  The 1st Prussian Horse Battery has all of its guns but only one of its gunners, while the 2nd Prussian Horse Battery only has one gunner available.  I'm working on acquiring the remaining three guns for the Prussians as well as all the needed gunners.

 As I related in an earlier post, the French only lack their horse battery which needs three guns and five gunners, the officer already being available.

Well, now on to getting the three Hessian batteries completed.


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