Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Mystery Manufacturer of Prussian 1870-1871 Gunners -- EDITED


Some time ago I obtained these three Prussian gunners (1870-1871) from the estate of a late friend.  AT the time I think I knew who manufactured them, but now I cannot recall.  I thought they were Helion (now Northstar) figures but upon looking at the current Northstar web site, these poses to not match anything being produced by Nic.

I seek the "Hive's" help.  Please click on the picture for a larger image.

The three figures in the center are the ones I need help on identification.  On picture right is a Foundry officer and on picture left is a Castaway Arts officer for comparison.

Any help in identifying the three middle figures would be greatly appreciated.



EDIT:  I also posted this on The Miniatures Page and received a quick answer.  They are 1866 Prussian gunners from the Eagles of Empire range that is available from North Star Miniatures in the UK.

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Ed M said...

I would say definitely Helion/Northstar...when Helion got out of the figure business and Northstar picked them up, they also dropped quite a few of the poses (I'm not sure why). I discovered this myself when putting together my mid-century Prussians and Austrians. I was fortunate to have scooped up multiple sets of OOP Helion "remainders" from Caliver to get started. For what it's worth, Northstar (pre-COVID) was slowly bus surely expanding their variety (compared to what was available just a few years ago).