Monday, December 28, 2020

15mm Medieval Painting - Phase 1b

I've added two more cavalry units to the expanded rebasing of my 15mm Medieval figures.  These two will give me enough units to fight the first Byzantive vs Sassanid scenario of "Commands and Colors - Medieval" -- Thannuris, 528 AD.

The first unit is light bow cavalry (to give it the C&C-M designation) for the Byzantines.  The figures are vintage Miniature Figurines.  Two of the mounted archers were previously painted while the other three mounted archers and the three with light spears are newly painted.  Correction - These are actually Byzantine Cuman mercenary cavalry, D-373.  I had misidentified them as Huns.

The second unit is 'Sassanid' light cavalry.  The figures are Essex Arab Conquest light cavalry.  They are a little 'out of time' as the Arab Conquest didn't begin until about 100 years after the battle at Thannuris.  But they are what I had and the dress of  'desert' light cavalry probably didn't change very much.

I've got two more cavalry units in the pipeline, another unit of Hun light bow cavalry for the Byzantines that will complete the second scenario's order of battle (Melebasa, 528 AD) and a unit of LBC for the Byzantines to get a start on completing the third scenario's OB (Dara, 530 AD).  I will definitely get the Huns painted before the end of the year!

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