Wednesday, December 23, 2020

15mm Medieval Painting - Phase 1a

Over the past several weeks I've painted some more 15mm Medieval troops to be used when our gaming group starts using the new (to us) "Commands and Colors - Medieval" gaming system with miniatures instead of the blocks.  In my last post on this subject, I described how I was rebasing already painted figures.  This post shows the first batch of newly painted figures.

Please click on each image for a larger picture.

First is a newly painted stand of four Essex Byzantine cataphracts.  They'll join ...

this composite unit of super heavy cavalry composed of a stand of vintage MiniFigs cataphracts (left front), the newly painted Essex cataphracts (right front), a stand of vintage Table Top Games Games Byzantine heavy cavalry (right rear), and a stand of heavy cavalry that I bought already painted (left rear).  Eventually additional cataphracts will replace the two stands in the rear.

A stand of "Eastern" heavy infantry which will join ...

a  unit of "Eastern" heavy infantry composed of three stands of already painted heavy infantry and the newly painted stand.

Two vintage Table Top Games Asiatic horse archers were painted to join ...

three 2-figure stands that I had painted some years ago.

I had bought a batch of vintage Table Top Games Byzantine trapezitos (light cavalry) figures some time ago but never had enough to make two complete units.  So I paired an Essex trapezitos with one of the TTG ones to complete one unit ...

of eight Byzantine light cavalry.  The Essex figure portrays the command element of this unit.

The rest of the TTG trapezitos were also joined by an Essex figure to make a second Byzantine light cavalry unit.  This unit has different colored uniforms and shields than the older one.

And that's the first part of the painting to have figures ready for the Battle of Thannuris (528 AD) scenario.  I still have a unit of Byzantine Hun light bow cavalry (using MiniFig Cumans) and a unit of Sassanid light cavalry (using Essex Arab Conquest light cavalry).  I'll be starting them today.

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