Monday, August 1, 2016

Turchin's Brigade, 4th Division, XIV Army Corps

Today I welcomed Brigadier General John Turchin's 3rd brigade of Major General Joseph Reynolds' 4th Division, Major General George Thomas' XIV Corps, Army of the Cumberland to Col Campbell's Barracks to join my very slowly expanding Union forces.  John Turchin was a Russian émigré from the Don District of the Ukraine who had been a Russian officer.  More information about him can be found here.

Turchin's Brigade, at the start of the 1863 Tullahoma Campaign, in which I place my forces, consisted of the 18th Kentucky and 11th, 36th, and 92nd Ohio Infantry Regiments.

These 15mm figures, except for the mounted officer, are Old Glory 15s, while the mounted officer is a Battle Honors figure.  The figures are mounted for the "On to Richmond" rules in which the basic maneuver unit is an infantry or cavalry brigade of 3 to 10 stands, each stand representing approximately 300 actual soldiers.

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Phil said...

Very nice, well done sir!