Friday, July 29, 2016

Additional 15mm Normanno-Italian Cavalry

Thanks to fellow TMPer "oramieno" I've been able to add 28 already painted cavalry to my Normanno-Italian army (ca. 1180 AD).  The figures are vintage Table Top Miniatures of which I already have some in my army.  They are very nicely painted so all I had to do was remove them from their old bases and put them on the 80mm x 40mm bases I use.

Each large base is a separate unit in the rules I'm now using, "To the Strongest!" by Big Red Bat.  The two smaller round stands are the leaders.  Luckily I had an extra painted figure to add so I could come out with the force pictured above.  I still have to add the terrain effects and the unit name labels.

"To the Strongest!" has a different mechanism that uses playing cards to control the activation of individual units and leaders as well as to adjudicate the combat.  The "battlefield" is a square grid with the square sizes large enough to hold two units and a leader.  You can see some examples of what I've done with my army at this previous post.

And for those who try to follow this blog, I haven't given up on my 15mm ACW armies using the "On to Richmond" rules.  I'm very slowly working on my next Union brigade.  But things around the barracks have been a bit slow lately as I wrapped up my projects and retired from my job as an archivist with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History at the end of June.  I'm still trying to get into my "retired" groove.  Once I do, however, I anticipate a better return on my painting.

Later,  Jim

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