Thursday, June 18, 2015

Prussian Brandeburg Uhlans

As part of the preparation for my Plancenoit Waterloo game earlier this month, I completed one last Prussian unit, the Brandenburg Uhlans (Uhlan Regiment Nr. 3), which was in 1813 assigned to the cavalry reserve of I Korps in the Army of Silesia.

The figures are Miniature Figurines (Mini Figs) with a mix of kollet and litewka uniforms.  The bases are from Litko and are 2" x 2" x 8mm.


According to the various references I consulted, the officers carried a white varnished lance.  Sometime in 1813 that distinction was eliminated but I think it makes the "command" stand more apparent so I kept it.  I still have to do the lance pennants.


Capt Bill said...

Handsome lads indeed. The mat I used for Waterloo is from Cigar Box Mats. I cut poster board and placed it under the mat to create very nice ridge lines...Bill

Conrad Kinch said...

That white lance certainly does stand out. A nice way of singling out the officer.

Good job.

ColCampbell50 said...

Capt Bill - We have a member who does that with foam from cushions. That's almost as old school as using books and magazines!

Conrad - Thanks, it does make him stand out. Normally I have a bugler or standard bearer with the officer but this batch of MiniFigs that I bought on eBay didn't include any.