Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Convoy, France, October 1415

On Memorial Day, the Jackson Gamers gathered to help me play test a scenario for a game at our regional convention, Bayou Wars, next month.  I'll be using the Lion Rampant rules to run a medieval Agincourt-era game.

The scenario is called "The Convoy" and revolves around an English foraging party trying to get supplies to Henry's hungry army.  Needless to say, the French don't want that to happen.

The two sides were equal, each with three players controlling a retinue of three units - one mounted serjeants, one foot serjeants, and one missile armed.  The English started in one corner of the battlefield and had to exit with as many supply animals as possible in the opposite corner.  The French started in the other three corners (including the English exit corner).

The English players were Sir Alex, Sir Phillip, and Sir Rick while the French players were Sieur Russ, Sieur Ed, and Sieur Sean.  Lord Sterling got there a little late and acted as a kibitzer and purveyor of guidance and wisdom.

The English army deploys and begins to advance.  Each of the three archer units were guarding supply animals.

Sieur Russ looks to one of his other French commanders for advice.

Sieur Ed is thinking hard about how they could defeat the English.

While the English forces continue their movement, an unusual visitor appears.

Later in the battle, Sire Ed (left) challenges Sire Alex (right).  A battered Sir Phillip looks on (far right).   Blows are exchanged ...

But Sieur Ed falls to Sir Alex's swift sword.

The battle ended not long after the above challenge combat.  The English weren't able to make much head-way, getting bogged down trying to first defeat Sieur Russ' retinue and the fending off the mounted serjeants of Sieur Ed and Sieur Sean.

There are a number of changes I'll be making in the scenario, the largest allowing the English to start deeper into the battlefield.  We'll see how it goes next month at Bayou Wars.

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Phil said...

Nice looking game...perturbed by this strange visitor!