Monday, January 12, 2015

Beginning Work on the Royal Ecossais

Saturday afternoon and evening I undercoated the first two 12-figure companies of the Gallian Regiment Royal Ecossais.  I used a white undercoat this time instead of my normal gray since I think their blue coats with red facings will stand out better.  I hope to begin actually brushing some paint on them tonight.

Eventually the regiment will total six 12-figure companies (using the large organization in the Batailles d'la Ancien Regime rules by Bill Protz.  I'm using the Old Glory castings so everyone will be wearing a Scottish bonnet.

Example of painted Royal Ecossais figures from the Old Glory web site.
That is, as many of you know, entirely "wrong," but they are my imagi-nation troops and I'm part Scottish in my ancestry so even the Jacobite Scots exiles wear the bonnet in my armies (He says with a big smile!). 

I do have one question - should the musicians be in the French royal livery (as a royal regiment) or in reversed colors as depicted in the Old Glory web site painted example?  Kronoskaf states that information is not available.

More later, with some pictures.


Bluebear Jeff said...

They are YOUR Imagi-National troops so the drummer can be in whichever uniform YOU prefer!

-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...


Thanks. After some perusing of posts on TMP and pondering on my part, I'm going with the drummers in the royal livery, especially since Kronoskaf states that Louis XV was the nominal commander.

I've started painting and have some figures with almost full uniforms. The colors are looking very nice over the white undercoat.

Pictures soon.