Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fife and Drum Figures

Back last year I purchased a group of American militia figures from Jim Purky's Fife and Drum line.  After many moths of them sitting around primed and then partially painted, I finally had the impetus I needed to get them finished - a last minute French and Indian War game at the Colonial Barracks convention on Nov 7-9.  [Yeah, I know, this post is late.]  But without further ado, here they are:

[Click on picture for a larger image.]
These figures are very well sculpted by one of the best in the business- Richard Ansell.  They are well proportioned with weapons that are realistic and not "telephone poles."  My painting was done quickly to get them ready for the convention so there is no shading and the bases are completed.  I'll go back and give them a wash to bring out the details and do some terrain effects on the bases.

I still have Jim's drummers and fifer to complete as a vignette for my horse and musket forces.  These are the ones designed as a logo to replicate the "Spirit of '76" picture. 

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