Saturday, October 4, 2014

British Sniper Team

Back in June, I bought a two man British sniper team made by Great Escape Games.  In preparation for a game today, I've been painting on the team, as well as another British soldier.

The sniper team consists of the sniper (middle) and his spotter (left).  The soldier on the right was a part of a purchase from last spring who finally got painted.  Although you really can't tell too well from the picture, the sniper's head covering is in a green and brown camouflage pattern as is the "ghillie" covering of the standing soldier's helmet.

The sniper and his spotter set for action.
Although I'll be using them for Very British Civil War, these are WW2 figures and will be useful in those games as well.  I'm still working on the 3" mortar team from June as well as another individual British soldier from the batch obtained last spring.
See this post for pictures of the unpainted figures.   

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