Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dwarfs at the Barracks!!

Yes, Col. Campbell has moved towards the dark side, with two 12-figure units of dwarven infantry and a leader-priest dwarf.

Well, just kidding about moving towards the dark.  I've had these dwarfs for a number of years.  They are from the now defunct Mega Miniatures USA [edited 01/23/2015].

The dwarf leader-priest in his flame outfit.  He is holding a sacred lizard.

Der Blauetotenkopfverband (The Blue Death's Head Unit)

Der Grunetotenkopfverband (The Green Death's Head Unit)

Both of the units were used in our wargame group's medieval battle on Saturday, Dec. 17.  We used the venerable Rules by Ral and rated the dwarfs as foot knights.

The Blues advanced and attacked an enemy unit of human foot knights.  On the advance they took some casualties from archery fire.  And my abysmal die rolling resulted in them being beaten by the human knights.  The Greens never got in the action as my leader, James the Weak, couldn't roll high enough to "energize" more than 2 or 3 units a turn.  Oh well, the game was fun even though our side ended up losing.

A battle report will be forthcoming, either on the Jackson Gamers web site or the Jackson Gamers blog.

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