Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Wrap-Up

Well, another year is gone!  Hurrah!  This past year has been not so good to my state what with several tornadoes, including one which almost completely wiped out a small town, and a monster flood on the Mississippi River.  I hope the weather is not quite so bad in 2012.

I've played and/or run a large number of games this year -- 28 with my local wargaming group, 1 at the small HUBCON convention in Hattiesburg, 5 at our regional Bayou Wars convention in New Orleans, 4 at the 1st Annual Colonial Barracks convention in New Orleans, 1 rules play test with Lord Sterling, and 1 rules play set with my son.  That comes to 40 games!!

I've painted 383 "Olley" points of figures and equipment, plus 8 25/28mm sized buildings, and a number of trees.  Figures have included Seven Years War era imagi-nations, French and Indian War, Between the Wars Back of Beyond, Victorian colonial Darkest Africa, African animals, and "Pulp" fiction.  It has been a fairly busy painting year with a high in April of 91 points and a low in October of 3 points.  By the way, an "Olley" point, for the uninitiated, is one foot figure, one rider, one mount/animal, or one gun or wagon.

Our group's last game of the year was fought today, Saturday, December 31.  "Electric" Ed ran an introduction to Uncharted Seas for us.  I commanded on of the Orc flotillas.  Even though our side lost, by a slim margin, I beat up on my opponent's Dwarf flotilla.

My Orc flotilla - one battleship, one assault battlecruiser, three cruisers, and three frigates

As one of my cruisers rams a dwarf cruiser, the other two bombard him.  We sank this one!

After an ineffectual ram, the crew of my battleship boards the dwarf battleship and slaughters the defenders.  I scored 13 hits (6s are double hits) on his crew against only his 5 on mine.  This prize will be a welcome addition to the Orc fleet, once we can figure out how to operate the infernal machine!  No one said orcs were smart!!
There will be a battle report soon on the Jackson Gamers blog.  Big John will also be posting pictures on his Nomadic Old School Gamer's blog once he gets back to Arkansas tomorrow.

And to all my readers, I would like to wish you are yours a healthy and prosperous new year.  And here are some fireworks to close out the year.


and Natural:

A Fire Rainbow

The Northern Lights


Fitz-Badger said...

Happy New Year to you, too! I hope mother nature is kinder to your state in 2012!

Don M said...

All the best to you this New year, and thank you for all the enjoyment of this past year, looking forward to much more!

Bluebear Jeff said...

And a very Happy New Year to you to, my friend.

Your games and Olley points are both very impressive . . . now you have to build on them in 2012.

-- Jeff