Saturday, May 7, 2011

Two More Leaders

After my play test game last Saturday, I realized that I really needed two more leaders who were more in keeping with the commands they would be leading.  So I dug around in my 18th Century boxes and came up with a Britannian Ranger leader and a Gallian Indian Ally leader.

The Britannian Ranger leader is one of a batch of tricorne wearing figures I bought via eBay.  He is a French officer from Front Rank's American Revolution line (French AWF-17).  But painted with a green coat, buckskin pants, and deer hide mitasses, he has become the leader on my combined Ranger-Light Infantry-Allied Indian "battalion" for His Britannian Majesty's forces in the 'Murica colonies.  Re-purposing with a vengeance!

Another "find" in the 18th Century troops boxes was this Old Glory Indian.  He had been purchased as part of a batch of painted figures, so he needed just some touch-ups and selected repainting to become the war chief of the Gallian allied Huron Indian war band.

They will both see action in June at our regional gaming convention - Bayou Wars.  My game will be on Saturday morning (see the PEL for details).

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Fitz-Badger said...

Nice. I especially like the ranger leader, but I have a fondness for green uniforms (pre-20th century ones, that is).