Sunday, April 24, 2011

Between the Wars British - Part 2

Continuing my short break from painting mid 1700s figures, I finished the basic painting on ten British riflemen and two heavy machinegun teams yesterday.  The riflemen will be joined by their officer and Lewis gunner (pictured in the previous post) to form a 12-figure section usable for either The Sword to Adventure or I Ain't Been Shot, Mum rules in future pulp fiction action with the Jackson gamers.

The 1st Rifle Section of the British Flying Column decked out for action in their "grayback" drill shirts.  Notice the assistant Lewis gunner on the front right corner carrying extra ammunition drums slung two on his chest and two on his back.  Unfortunately the Copplestone set only came with one of these lads  so my other two Lewis gun assistants will not be so accoutremented (Is that a real word?).

The two Vickers .303 heavy machinegun teams.  With their section sergeant (pictured in the previous post), they will provide some critical fire support to the rifle sections of the British Flying Column.

Besides the Rolls Royce armoured car, HMAC Ajax (pictured in previous post), the British Flying Column will rely on these three Crossley carriers for getting around the operational area.  A local Euopean guide is posed next to them for scale.  I have one more vehicle to paint, a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, for the column command car.

And in other news, Col Campbell's Barracks was mentioned by Murphy on the Bongolesia blog as one of his inspirations.  You can read the news of Murphy's recent receipt of the Stylish Blogger Award and the mention of Col Campbell's Barracks, among other even more outstanding blogs, here:  Murphy is a good writer and really, in my opinion, captures the romance and inaneness of "banana republics" all over the globe.  We should all be so gifted!
The officers and soldiers of the various troops stationed at Col Campbell's Barracks are all aquiver about this mention by the nation of Bongolesia, especially since President for Life Phat Daddee B'wonah is so fulsome in his praise of European colonial masters.

Of course this is just good ole jossing around among the "good ole boys" and we are pleased as punch that Murphy has such a high opinion of our little endeavors here.


War Minister Crittumbo said...

Nicely painted.

A J said...

Shaping up into a nice little force, there. Any unit with Vickers guns has to be good. ;)